• Where to build the facility? How to build the facility? Let's think it over together.

    Four key factors of building in China

    One should understand four factors of building in China before preparing to investment in the construction of facilities. This knowledge is critical for proceeding smoothly with the investment plan.

    Point 01

    Selection of the investment location

    To invest in China, the first decision to make is about location. The investors need to know about logistic, transportation, ground base situation, surrounding areas, land limit from local government, limits to materials and legal issues. According to the investment plan, local government will offer some preferential policies. So it’s very important to get that information in advance.

    Point 02

    Taking care of all governmental procedures

    After choosing a location, an investment enterprise will be required to submit application for acquiring the land parcel. Once the application is accepted the enterprise will submit documentation as required by the government agency for land acquisition. These documents and approvals include building plans, "Safety Assessment Reports," "Land Use Right Certificate," "Land Planning Permit," and many other documents before the construction can commence. Delays in producing these documents according to precise government regulations will impede construction progress and potentially hamper the success of an investment.

    Point 03

    Differences in construction methods.

    There are some differences in construction methods between China and Japan. These differences are caused by humidity and temperature as well as differences in construction codes and the availability of certain raw materials.
    These differences dictate effective communication to establish project timeliness, costs, and quality. These construction differences should be solved through negotiations between client and Kaiser.
    Thus, no matter what the level of quality or satisfaction acquired by our clients, Kaiser can always be associate with the "best construction companies in the world".

    Point 04

    Accurate budgeting before starting construction.

    It is poor business practice when a quotation is prepared only to be greatly increased later due to material alterations and project construction redoes. From design to blueprint stage, it is critical to prepare an accurate work program and implement these plans according to the budget schedule before deadlines to ensure that the price stated in the quotation is accurate.

    Kaiser --- Best Practices Provision.

    Suggestions for selecting land

    With more than 15 years of experience in assisting foreign enterprises in how to invest in China, Kaiser can provide exceptional services to its clients in the selection of a site.
    We usually keep close contact with our customers before they select a suitable land parcel. Our services include research of local laws, codes and those of the surrounding environment. Based on our findings, we propose a variety of possible land selections to aid in the best possible land choice for our clients program needs.

    Take care of all governmental procedures

    Governmental procedures for construction in China are far more complicated than in Japan and Europe. It is critical that applications proceed smoothly to ensure a success project.
    In fact, there are many cases that dictate complicated application procedures.
    If not processed correctly, this can negatively affect the construction time line causing unnecessary delays and trouble with the government agencies.
    Therefore, Kaiser will utilize our extensive experience and excellent relationship (with government) to navigate governmental procedures and regulations.
    Kaiser's experience can ensure our clients that we will adhere to the agreed construction schedule.

    A factory visit can and should be a verification of construction quality.
    Even after you view the design drawings and construction photos, it is almost impossible to accurately determine the construction quality.
    Construction quality is visible in external and internal decorations, which can be determined only by physical inspection.
    Kaiser invites all potential clients to visit our construction sites and completed factories to witness in person the high quality of Kaiser's construction.
    We are sure that after viewing our sites you will feel completely comfortable in contracting with Kaiser to complete your next project.
    Business representatives which can speak English fluently can communicate with our clients effectively.
    In China, the construction field is lack of translation talents.
    During the design and construction meeting, we need the right translation to understand all kinds of special terms, construction practices and even slight tones.
    In Kaiser, we have 14 English translators, 1 German employee and 1 American employee who can communication with customers without any barriers.
    Moreover, our English translators can understand the culture differences and capture the slight sense behind negotiation.
    Before formal designs are complete, precise quotations for projects can be prepared.
    To prepare accurate quotations Kaiser's experienced staff can design to your specifications even in the earliest phases of a project.
    Kaiser's design institute can design to a prospective client's most general conceptual ideas or precise specifications. Our architects and designers can precisely design to your cost considerations.
    To avoid material and specification modifications during construction, material brands are marked clearly to facilitate our clients understand the cost quotation.

    Support for selection of  project land

    Service Provider for Facilities Design & Build

    • 01.Support for selection of  project land
    • 02.Kaiser accompany clients for construction project visiting
    • Take care of all governmental procedures
    • 04.Before design, Kaiser offers precise quotations of  project construction for customers

    Consulting?Asking for brochure TEL 0086-411-8762-2355 Weekday/8:00~17:00 Click here for inquiry form

    • To know about Investment in China
    • The site you plan to visit


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